Sunday, November 5, 2017

Its a hard knock life

I've finally hit the 2 months mark and a week on top on the Keto/ Banting way of eating (woe). Due to financial constraints I've had to get off this woe for a full week which I will resume tomorrow on Monday the 6th November. It has been a tough week of eating baked foods and fruits that aren't even allowed in this lifestyle.

I'm so worried I'll have to start over again when I was rejoicing because I had brokers the plateau of being between 83 kg and 81 kg and I weighed 80.5 kg. Now I have to start all over again and I've gained 2 kg so I am currently starting at 82.5kg tomorrow.

I miss bullet proof coffee more than everything else. So it will be my breakfast for the coming week. I miss planning my meals and following them up to Z. I miss having goals each week and meeting them. I'll get back to all that starting tomorrow. So today I'm planning my groceries that I will buy then get planning my meals.

I smell an egg fast too just to quickly get into ketosis state in 3 days time.

I'll be back and tell you how things go, soon.


Friday, October 27, 2017

The devil is a lie

On the July the 15th I went to Mdantsane City to audition for Tru FM's Tru talent competition. It was refreshing and exciting to receive a call being told I made it to the top 5 presenters.

I went on to the next to audition with the top 5 others and came short and the top two was chosen.
Sad and bitter I consoled myself that it wasn't my chance. Then I heard the auditions continues in 9 more towns I said to myself oh it might be mine so I went for the next auditions which were held in their Tru FM SABC studios. It was exciting again but I never made it :(
You know when you passionately want something with all your might, you make sure you find ways to get it. I was more chuffed up that the third time is a charm. So I went to Fort Beaufort to audition again and heard nothing from Tru FM.
I then set myself to go to the next town, Queenstown. I got there, registered to audition and when it was my turn I went in. I was very delighted to learn I had made it in  Fort Beaufort and needn't audition in Queenstown. Yay! I was so happy and now we await training and the on air competition time together with voting and all. I'm so excited. You will know all about it when training starts.

Exciting journey

Greetings fellow bloggers

(The picture was taken in June 2011)

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have struggled with my weight after having kids, my youngest being born in 2015. So when she was 3 months old in January 2017 I got into Herbalife which helped me shed a massive 20kgs by August 2017 but because I was unemployed then I couldn't maintain buying the products so I stopped. I gained 4 kg by January and I didn't mind it because I could still fit in my clothes.
From the winter holiday in July I was in Port Elizabeth at my sister's and I was eating all the comfort foods in the world. All rich, meaty and cheesy foods, bakes oh! what am I even counting?
But when I got back to my place I said to myself no Nazo something needs to be done. And hell yeah I got on it.
On August 25 weighing a massive 88kg wearing a size 40/16 (2XL), I got into the Banting lifestyle, one of the tried and tested low carb high fat lifestyles.
I haven't looked back. I lost 7 kg in my first month then nothing on my second month. I was very upset but was too happy to learn that I had went from 41.5% body fat to 35.48%
Since the scale wasn't moving I decided to do an egg fast (will tell you about it on another post) I have lost a kilo in 3 days which brought me to 80kg. I'm happy to have the scale moving again :)
I'm now wearing a size 14/38 bottoms (XL) and 10/34 tops (M-L)
I will be back to update you in November. Hopefully I'll be closer to my goal weight 72kg.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


So a few weeks back I was on Instagram and came past an account named @BayFashionSunday and I went to it and browsed through. Amazed I thought wow! People need to see this, they need to hear about this and so an idea came through. I was set on finding the Founders, Organisers or Spokesperson of this organization and have them on my show on my entertainment news segment.

I put my journalistic skills to use and dug for contacts information. I found a Facebook page written Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Week and I sent an inbox. I got a reply the following day and an interview was set.

My, was I excited or what? I found the Founder Mr Llewellyn Williams and Organiser Mr Sanelisiwe Mdashe. I was going to interview Mr Mdashe as I was going to do the interview in isiXhosa for my station's compliance.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Week is an annual Fashion Show held at the iconic old Tramways Building. It is a week event consisting of 3 Days of Fashion Runway and 1 Day of Made in PE (a post for some other time) Market on the last day of these events. The first one was held in October 2016.

As a build up to the main Fashion Week event which takes place on the 11-15th October 2017 the Organiser has successfully hosted monthly shows called Bay Fashion Sunday at Roof Garden Bar in Port Elizabeth and even had the honor of having Laduma Ngxokolo as a guest designer coming with his international known brand Maxhosa by Laduma. These shows are held every last Sunday of each month to give designers a platform to showcase their designs and also serve as an audition show for Designers to qualify for the main show.

The exciting part is that these designers showcasing in NMBFW are all Eastern Cape born and the other exciting part, is that the models are also local and some are not even models that are signed up with agencies but just original talented individuals who love modeling. Did I mention that there's no discrimination in size as we all know the norm of skinny models on almost all Fashion weeks across the world do. This one is different as all shapes and sizes are catered for.

There have been fashion days once a month every last Sunday of each month from the beginning of the year which are building up events towards the actual Fashion Week.

 The Eastern Cape and the South African community is in for a treat I can tell you that. Keep up with all proceedings and follow their media pages by searching their famous hashtag which is #BayFashionSunday which will lead to the official pages.

Don't miss out.

*the pictures are from their Facebook page*


So on the 8th of May 2017 I started working at Ngqushwa FM doing the afternoon drive time show from 3-6pm weekdays.

It is a beautiful addition to my career in media and for my personal growth. I have found love and stability in life because of radio. I feel like I have been given a voice after a long time of being mute and unheard.

Its changed my life for the best, that I can assure you. I feel happier, positive and I even feel that I'm beautiful which is something I've overlooked in the past 9 months.

I'm grateful for this opportunity and will surely make the most of it. You wait and see.